Raffaela Russo, designer from Napoli, has revolutionized the concept of jewellery with her creations.

The project was born from her passion for watches and her almost obsession with time, passed on to her since she was a child by her father, an intrepid mechanics enthusiast and also an excellent restorer, who also gives her a lot of watches and unused material for the realization of her jewels.

In 2012 she founded the brand Laboratorio del Tempo in Napoli. The first jewels were characterized by special finishes and materials subjected to handmade treatments.

The signature that distinguishes her is the fusion of material and creativity, obtaining a series of unique jewels.

Her jewellery is designed for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, at a time when there is a strong sense of homologation.

Whoever wears a Laboratorio del Tempo creation wants to reaffirm their personality and is not afraid to go against the current. The jewel becomes a sort of armour that allows you to defeat the flatness of the present.

Absolutely innovative, the Laboratorio del Tempo design plays with styles, distorting classicism: silver meets pearls and precious stones; small and elegant jewels are alternated with exaggerated and extravagant pieces, but all her creations have one factor in common: uniqueness.

We are sure that her creations will win you over.