Are you looking for the perfect straw hat for this season? First of all, bear in mind that for summer 2019 there are no half measures: you will have to choose amongst narrow and wide brim hats, with fringe, straw hats or visor hats, like from the Eighties, and much more. You can match it with a scarf, flamboyant ribbons or adorn it with little tassels recalling the Hispanic style. Whatever comes to your mind is perfect to decorate your straw hat, including bands and turbans that are super glam. Some are elegant, some other definitely sportive, but most importantly you can wear them in the city as well as on the beach.
The choice won’t be easy, but you may want to know that the straw hat is a glam and very trendy accessory, as well as an important protection from the heat and sunstroke. But the question is, how do I wear a straw hat? Here are some perfect matches!

The straw hats of moderate size are perfect for a casual style, for example with a pair of cotton trousers and a fresh blouse, a kaftan or a tunic with soft tones or total white. Another option is a long dress, or a very large skirt matched with a crop top, or a one-shoulder dress or a top with uncovered shoulders. The wide brim hats are perfect for your beachwear. The ideal look is the straw hat matched with a bikini, but it looks perfect also with a one-piece swimsuit. As well as the classic version, you can find hats rich in details, with stones, shells or ribbons. Some have neutral tones, some other pastel nuances, but…that’s not it! You can also wear them with a pair of high-waisted palazzo trousers and a blouse for your walks on the beach! Super romantic!
And you? Have you chosen your favourite yet?

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