Today we are going to meet Sumalya Mehra, learn about her passions, her style, her projects and what she likes about her job as a Fashion Stylist.

Hi Sumalya, today we are going to introduce you to Fashion Mentor’s readers. Do you want to tell us something about yourself?

I’m Sumalya Mehra and I’m a fashion stylist at heart and by profession. The ongoing story of my styling life is a mix of all types, from commercial to tv, to celebrities, publishing, food and personal styling.

My styling experience counts 6 years by now, with my college experience, training and jobs. It varies from celebrity styling to being a magazine stylist, followed by being a stylist at news channels. I feel very fortunate to have worked with renowned stylist and Bollywood’s top actors. Along with this, I have assisted and styled many inside stories for India’s most read magazine – Femina. Adding up to these are my few tvcs & catalogues which I have styled. Also, I’ve styled anchors of India’s top news channel, India today and Aajtak. Adding more to my list are calendar shoot for India Luxury Foundation, designers’ catalogue shoots and ongoing product and food styling. Being such an important part of all these platforms is a blessing.

As you shared, you have met a lot of customers. Which experience has been the most memorable?

I’ve done many collaborations. To name a few, styling Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, inside stories of Femina English & regional, styling a TVC for Maruti True Value, everyday styling the anchors of India Today & Aajtak, styled an eyewear shoot for Dr. Monga Opticians.

Talking about my very recent one, just before this pandemic. I styled a calendar shoot for an NGO, New Delhi Social Workers Association & India Luxury Fundation. It has been a wonderful experience to showcase the designers’ work & portray the property also at the same time.

And, in general, what are your top advice for your customers?

To follow with what looks flawless on you and not on others. Make a staple style of your own with bit variation from time to time, to feel updated.

What is your personal style?

I have always believed in classics and I even justify my personal style with it. I feel trends are FADs. We should look for those trends which are fashion and are forever as a classic. I have never fallen for any trend that is ongoing. I always see if that’s an evergreen trend.

Part of your job is to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends. What is your main source of inspiration and what are your FW 2020/2021 key pieces?

There are many sources, but if I have to share the most important ones for me, I would say Vogue, Runway and Who What Wear.  For FW 2020/2021 my advice is to wear Baggy pants, because this year is all about comfort. Skinny jeans are always trendy, keeping you comfortable and to work from nine to wine. Sweaterdress, it is the most versatile fall staple. Just add any shoe and a layering and you’re always good to go.  Knit sets, be it with a skirt or pants paired with a top or jacket, it’s one of the fun and cozy trends.

Any exciting new projects you are working on?

I’m following different projects but the main one is a new calendar shoot for 2021 with top 6 Indian designers and 6 top models.

We have talked about your experience, your project and your style, and now I’ve got the last question for you. What does it mean for you to work as an Image Consultant?

There are many aspects but at the end the most important thing is to let customers find their individual entity by their look.


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