Today we are going to know in deep Riti Patel, we are going to know her passions, her style, her projects and what she likes about her job as an Image Consultant.


Hi Riti, today we are going to introduce you to Fashion Mentor’s readers. Do you want to tell something about yourself?

My name is Riti Patel. I am a certified international Image Consultant and Founder of Panache Persona Image Consulting. My passion for Fashion and Image building resulted in a transition from a corporate banker to a fulltime Image Consultant over the past 10 years. I provide workshops and consultations to help clients/businesses to enhance their image with respect to Appearance, Behavior and Communication skills.

Cool! As a Personal Shopper and stylist, you have met a lot of customers. Which experience has been the most memorable and why?

I have spent a lot of time collaborating with the clients from every walk of life, sharing their experiences, and I could see them evolve and enhance their image. One of the most memorable is one of my clients who, after getting her colors done, found her style with arrays of colors in her wardrobe and wrote to me about her satisfaction. Or another client who wrote to me about how she exudes much confidence and how she can shop better now, having learnt how to dress flattering her silhouette in both private and work life. I also remember a workshop which was based on corporate etiquette that was very interactive and well-received among the participants.

Are you working on anything special for the future?

I am planning to push my boundaries and reach the mass with self-paced online programs, that means I’ll be able to connect with hundreds of women simultaneously no matter where they live in the world.

Amazing! It’s really awesome when there is the possibility to empower people! In general, what are your top advice for your customers?

It’s really important to be authentic to who you are in the way you dress. It might not be 100% possible at the workplace as they have their own rules, though little things can go a long way, like accessories or adding a pop of color to your outfit like a scarf that reflects your personality without it being an overkill. Being happy and confident is more important than being in current fashion and it works for your daily lifestyle.

Seeing a customer that is satisfied is amazing, also because everyone is unique and everyone has their own style! What is your personal style?

My personal style is very expressive with a blend and variables of feminine and creative nature. I love and like to play with colors (in any forms, like outfits, makeup or accessories) and prints (floral is my favorite) that reflect my personality. I like to experiment with trends and carry on with what suits me best.

And what is the main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

There is not one source but many ranging from fashion websites, which are interactive with articles and comments, fashion tips and views, social media, fashion magazines, tv shows and people I admire. It does help me to use my imagination and create new looks which reflect my style personality.

Could you share your SS 2020 key pieces?

A sorbet pastel blazer suit, as I love blazers. It gives a polished and an elevated personality look.

Tropical prints outfits. A take on florals – my favorite colorful faux leather. It’s a versatile trend and gives a bold, edgy, urban and playful look. Shorts. Sportswear/ Leisure trends. Suits anyone for a casual or relaxed vibe depending on where the hem of the shorts falls.

As we can understand your life is very busy, could you describe a typical day for you?

My day starts with a cup of tea! Though every day is different, it generally starts with my internet networking, creating contents for my pages and website, and interaction with clients. When I get a new job, I start with the preparations for my sessions for one or several days prior to an appointment. Not to forget the home office days with preparations and self-learning to keep at pace with the fast-moving world while keeping fit!

We have talked about your experience, your project and your style, and now I’ve got the last question for you. What does it mean for you to work as an Image Consultant?

My work is my passion and also is very personal and rewarding. When one of my clients is really satisfied, confident and happy with the way their image has enhanced, it is truly exhilarating during the workshops and consultations. One of my workshops had been my vision to empower women in their lives, to speak and impart more about styling at the workplace, at home, with friends, a way for a woman to feel at her best. Getting to know different kinds of people and share their experiences is an added bonus on top of everything.

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