Today we are going to know in deep Kriena Nederveen, find out about her passions, her style, projects and what she likes about her job as a Personal shopper and Stylist.

Hi Kriena, today we are going to introduce you to Fashion Mentor’s readers. Do you want to tell us something about yourself?

Hello. This is Kriena Nederveen, Stylist and Personal shopper. I spent over 25 years in the luxury fashion industry. Having an intimate brand knowledge and insight on how the business works, I know why people need help. I am thrilled to pass along what I know and make your life better and easier.

As a Personal Shopper and stylist, you have met a lot of customers. Which experience has been the most memorable and why?

I spent a lot of years collaborating with celebrities and their stylists, etc. Although those projects are a blast and I still love them, my most memorable ones are with the clients who refer to me for their everyday and professional lives. One of my favorite clients wrote to me “You changed my life”, “Everyone says I look amazing and I am walking taller because of you”. There is no greater satisfaction than that.

That’s so cool! It’s really awesome when you meet people that inspire you! And, in general, what are your top advice for your customers?

Styling advice is very personal. It depends on the client. The key is to unlock your style and then create something from that. Being current without being trendy. As long as you glow from the inside, that is what matters.

That’s true, everyone is special, and everyone has their own style! And what is your personal style?

I love a little mix of rocker chic, street style, and bohemian.

Like you said before, in this world it happens to meet interesting people and to work on exciting projects. Are you working on anything special?

I have a project coming up that involves styling a client for her birthday party in Morocco. I will be on a long trip to make sure she looks amazing every day. It couldn’t be more fun.

Wow! This project is the proof that a Fashion Expert has to stay up to date. What is the main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest fashion trends?

There is not one resource. Stores, magazines, shows, vintage items, and people I admire.

And what are your SS 2020 key pieces?

A 70’s-inspired dress… because I love that period more than I can say. I want to be Bianca Jagger.

A corset (I want to be honest, I have some already) since they are always in for me.

A pastel blazer, because I love blazers and it is important to have one in the latest color.

We have talked about your experience, your project and your style. But what does it mean for you to work as a Personal Shopper & Stylist?

My work is very personal and rewarding. Making someone feel at their best is a very rewarding thing to do. Seeing a client smile and feel good about themselves is the best work I have ever done.

I style men, women, young people, sometime entire families. The greatest compliment is a referral from a client. Let’s unlock your personal style.

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