Have you been to the City of Love – Paris? Is a lovely place with beautiful people who never loses their faith with love. Like other places, this, too, has its own story to tell. Stories that you might be interested in. Well, read on for a fantastic story about France, Paris!

Once the subject is about the newest trends and latest fashion, Paris hits home all the time. For their newest fashion craze, they have the Foulard. This is a French word that refers to a scarf. Impeccably cozy, sexy, and the ultimate status of a woman. Foulard: class is an attitude; this implies that the veil is not only an accessory they love; instead, this accessory is a sign of their confidence.

What Is Foulard? Foulard is a lightweight fabric accessory. It can be plain-woven or twill, a mix of cotton and silk, or plain silk. Usually, this has various colours with small printed designs. Initially, it came from the Far East. It means silk handkerchief in French. Intellectuals also interpret wearing the Foulard as a defensive attitude – perhaps it represents a class. Wearing Foulard is synonymous to class, luxury, and exclusivity. Meaning, if you wear this accessory, you will be among the high-class women in society. During the 60’s, the Foulard is worn in the Movie “La Dolce Vita” the famous comedy-drama written and directed by the film-maker Federico Fellini. A film about the search for happiness and love. This movie had won the Oscar awards as the Best Costumes. Well, as mentioned Foulard has an excellent role for their costumes.

Why you have to visit France? Try to visit France, and you will surely admire the beautiful designs of Foulard around the neck of several high-class French women. Their outfits can never be completed without foulards regardless of the fashion tendency. French women always make it work. This silky and luxurious accessory is perfect for both night time, light or airy.

The key for silk manufacturing during the 15th Century in South France had a significant contribution in their local economy. Spend a little time for a walk around Paris, and you will be charmed with this fashion. You will feel the importance of this famous icon and the place it got in terms of style. It will be impossible as well not to be encouraged and seduced to wear this because of its luminosity and shine. Walk around, and you will undoubtedly be seduced with the inviting fabric.

The Queen of Accessories? There are several accessories used by French women, but this lightweight fabric differs from the rest. Anybody will fall, and a love affair with you and the scarf will be developed. Every place has a beautiful story to tell. Here is Paris, France, we have the fascinating story of how Foulard became part of French women’s fashion. Its charm, elegance, beauty, class, and luxury are just some of the reasons why women in Paris cannot get rid of this fabric as part of their fashion trend. Visit the beautiful place in France, look for their popular Foulard in town, and fell in love with this beautiful accessory – Foulard!

by Isabella Racca De Carvalho

Editor: celebreMagazine