“We are delighted and honored to announce this partnership with a prestigious and important international partner as celebreMagazine”, says Serena Pagano, Founder of Fashion Mentor®. Fashion Mentor® and celebreMagazine have decided to work in close synergy with the aim of providing specific and relevant information for the luxury users. The partnership between celebreMagazine and Fashion Mentor® will allow to embrace a high-profile customer around the world, with the purpose of becoming world leaders respectively in the field of luxury communication and in the proposal of services to it dedicated.

Fashion Mentor® aims to become a leader in the selection of the best Personal Shopper and Image Consultant and it has been created with the purpose to share who the best professionals are and where they work. The enterprise is the answer, more generically, to the need of clients and companies to access to reliable and serious information. The purpose is to help the clients providing them with the most relevant and structured information for the selection of the most suitable professionals for any necessity.
It has happened to all of us not to know what to wear for a special occasion or wish we had clearer ideas about what really suits us. Some other times we can’t match the items of clothes in our wardrobe or we can’t find anything suitable while hitting the shops, or simply anything matching our personality and style. Other times we wish we had a mentor for our shopping, to avoid filling our wardrobe up with clothes we never wear. Often, during a journey we don’t know where to buy the characteristic items of the place or simply where to get nice gifts. Now, it is finally possible to download Fashion Mentor® application on your smartphone.

In an easy and intuitive way, the users of the application will select, using different filters including the reviews of other certified clients, the professionals and book a consultancy session thanks to the online booking system.
The Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants present in the application entrust Fashion Mentor® because they recognise its impartiality as well as considering this tool as a mean to monitor their reputation. Our clients will be able to choose according to the reviews of the clients after their consultancy sessions with the professionals.

At the moment the application can be downloaded in Italy and in the United Kingdom, but shortly the list of countries where it will be possible to download it will be larger, since Fashion Mentor® aims at covering the whole area of Europe and North America by the end of 2020.
Look to the Fashion Mentor®’s website to get a precise idea of how it works and if you want to have further information on how to specialise to become a Personal Shopper and an Image Consultant.

Stay Tuned!

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