Adam and Alice STUDIOS, sustainable media platform started with a vision to drive the future fashion industry towards sustainability to publish the voice of people from the different areas of the industry. The platform is looking forward to take the future of fashion shows into a digital age by launching fashion shows in 3D virtual studio this April, to create foot-prints of larger sustainable communities to grow and thrive in the new age of technology and digital world. The fashion show is expected to showcase work of brands in a new narration bringing the element of pure and natural sustainable collection and work of artisans to the limelight on the digital stage. Designers are welcomed to showcase their talents in this show by visiting

Today’s fashion industry has taken a hit with the fall of many big names and the sustainable fashion era with sustainable movements going on globally , where the Evolution Fashion Week initiated by Adam and Alice, London , a luxury fashion brand last year early 2020 have created a new media platform called STUDIOS, to bring the voices of fashion together for fashion industry to evolve with new mindset and change the system of operations within the industry. The STUDIOS channel is launching many interesting programs to drive measurable change in the industry’s behaviour to achieve sustainability to everybody in the future and the virtual reality 3D 360 degree show looks like an upcoming trend in the post COVID world to reduce carbon footprints and bring creative energy in the shows online.

Besides the Fashion shows and events, STUDIOS offer workshops and training programs to support businesses toward growth and building a growing together mindset for business to grow with sustainability. The STUDIOS’s collaboration with Applied Business Academy has brought apprenticeship programs where businesses have the opportunity to learn digital skills to grow their businesses. These schemes are available only for UK based companies and there are more programs that STUDIOS aims to bring forward to support sustainable fashion brands. The digital age requires traditional businesses to learn new skills and STUDIOS as a platform with Applied Business Academy contributes support to build solutions where learners of the programs could benefit from the scheme offered by HMRC to learn new skills and the companies in the UK are offered grants to participate in the apprenticeship program. This is a project built for green brands and focused on sustainability. Studios focus on creating awareness programs and voice of sustainability in fashion industry to build green projects for green future. A voice to build future fashion

By Adam and Alice Studios