Did you know that UVA rays can cause more serious damage than UVB ones? UVA rays age your skin, whereas UVB rays burn it. Despite this, not all sunscreens protect from both of them. Soleil de la Mer is the perfect travel companion, thanks to its numerous products designed to offer vital protection, sea-born rejuvenating actions and soothing benefits.

The Reparative Face Lotion SPF 30 and The Reparative Body Lotion SPF 30 are face and body lotions which protect from UVA and UVB rays and help contrast skin aging from solar exposure. These lotions use the valuable Miracle Broth™, a concentrate of nutrients exclusive of La Mer brand, which helps nurture your skin contributing to the natural revitalizing process. Another essential element is the Golden Algae Ferment which contrasts the signs of aging caused by solar exposure. We know that about 80% of skin alterations perceived as “aging signs” are a consequence of solar exposure. For this reason, it is crucial to protect your skin from sun rays, no matter what season it is.

The After Sun Enhancer is a luxurious and lightweight gelée, which rehydrates and cools the skin instantly and soothingly, giving you an immediate well-being sensation and enhancing the post-sun glow of your skin. Thanks to Miracle Broth™ and a powerful dose of Lime Tea, exclusive La Mer concentrate, After Sun Enhancer helps contrast the visible effects of environmental damage.

The Face and Body Gradual Tan is a refreshing self-tanning lotion which absorbs quickly to give you a natural-looking glow with no streaks. This light lotion enhances the look of tanned skin, hydrating it and giving it the typical charming summer skin tone. It absorbs quickly without leaving any streaks to give you a radiant, uniform, and perfectly natural look.

This summer Soleil de La Mer collection, for a brightness without imperfections, is enhanced by two new limited-edition products, The Glowing Body Oil and The Bronzing Powder. The Glowing Body Oil, with its rich blend of Vitamin E and nourishing oils, softens your skin instantly to give you a natural and hydrated brightness. The skin looks instantly luminous, shimmering with a bright golden shade. A floral fragrance will surround you in a warm and exotic atmosphere. The Bronzing Powder blends perfectly with your skin enhancing its natural luminosity. The velvet-to-the-touch bronzer defines and highlights the traits of your face. A perfect combination to give your face and body a perfect skin, radiant, healthy, and sun-kissed.

One last tip. Do you want to give a touch of glam to your suntan? The Glowing Body Oil and The Bronzing Powder are the perfect combination for a radiant skin on your face and body. Try them together to get a natural sun-warmed, illuminated glow.

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