Fashion Mentor is proud to announce the new partnership with the Fashion & Luxury Culture department of the European School of Economics.

Fashion Mentor and ESE Fashion & Luxury Culture department have decided to collaborate with the goal of becoming leaders respectively in the field of services associated with the world of fashion and education. The goal is to allow people and companies to have the resources necessary to transform, evolve, and make their dreams come true, which, as Elio D’Anna, musician, philosopher, economist and artist, and founder of the school, says, “are the most real thing in the world”.

The European School of Economics is a private business school of British order, founded in 1994 with offices in New York, London, Madrid, Rome, Florence and Milan. The particular international and pragmatic orientation of the Business School is put in practice through the training program fully in English and validated by the UK Government, a selected international faculty, the option of intracampus mobility for periods of study or internship, and the guaranteed internship experience for every student, at companies in line with the selected course of study. ESE’s educational philosophy bases its academic excellence on the concept of “Small Classes, Big Care”: small classes to guarantee a mentoring approach between students and teachers with the aim of preparing a new generation of business leaders.

ESE Fashion and Luxury Culture Department aims at educating individuals by leveraging their acknowledgement of one’s inner self as a reflection of the outer self. The understanding of history, culture, the roots and the values of Fashion and Luxury will give the tools to manage personal identity and its expressiveness as an image, and eventually the capacity to understand and interpret modernity.

ESE wants to position itself at the heart of a continuously changing Industry, as a pioneer of a new way of educating the future generations. The core of ESE’s philosophy lies in the concept that true talent comes from within, it is something that can’t be taught but can be developed by focusing on individuality. Uniqueness and excellence are the core values behind the Fashion and Luxury Industries, and only an institution that takes education as a personal journey for every student, rather than just feeding constant notions with no rhyme or reason, can truly have a deeper understanding of them.